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Love is not what it used to be.   These days, great numbers of couples live in a basic partnership that is very short on love and affection. Men especially have forgotten or, worse, have never learned how to love a woman. Many men give a diluted form of love to get sex, while women give sex to get love, affection, and attention. It's an exchange that devalues the currency of both love and sex. Yet when both partners just give pure, affectionate love, the sex will come naturally and be the best they have ever had. Men don't realize that they will get back in equal proportions (sometimes more) what they give. Love is an art and a science. Take this book to heart and watch your relationship grow better than it's ever been. It may take a little time before your partner begins to trust that this is a real change and not just a trial, but once trust arrives, look out! The fireworks will never stop, and the more you do it, the more satisfying it gets.    MORE

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